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    Hey all, picked up my 2011 silver WRX hatch almost exactly a month ago and finally got around to joining the forum

    I had a 98 Legacy in the past, but ultimately the car was doomed because it was an auto so never really could fall in love with the car. I traded that in on a 2004 Mini Cooper S and I did love that car. It was a complete blast to drive, but after moving in a Mini and having to drive the 20 mile commute in 2 very heavy snow storms, I decided that it was time to change to something more practical, but not SO practical that I'd go crazy having switched from a Mini. Did test drive a forester and was really surprised how well it drove, but no more XT 5-speed was a deal breaker. So here I am!

    So hmm... impressions of the WRX... well I put snow tires on it before taking delivery, so I am withholding any and all judgement in the handling department for now. The transmission kinda sucks but I think everybody knows that... I rev-match and double-clutch and pulling up to a light some times it just does not want to go into first even if I match the revs perfectly... oh well.

    I could probably pick apart several parts of the car, but what it really boils down to is the thing is a tank in the snow, it has way more power than the Mini had, and boy is it nice to be able to just throw my laundry in the back and not have my son climb over my seat anymore. And if he does fall asleep in the back, I don't have to worry about injuring myself getting him out!

    Uploaded with

    No idea why imageshack rotated the image, don't feel like playing with it, I'm sure you've all seen one before Can't wait to put the summers back on in a couple of months, clean her up and get some decent pics.

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    Congrats on your purchase and welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    hola and congrats

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    Welcome aboard and congrats on the WRX!
    I love the color.
    Yes, I agree come on nice warm summer days.
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