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This is a discussion on 2011 Transmission within the New Member Hangout forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; alright guys im new here and have just ordered a 2011 wrx base model. I have been reading just about ...

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    2011 Transmission

    alright guys im new here and have just ordered a 2011 wrx base model. I have been reading just about everything there is on the internet trying to learn more about issues with the transmission. I have saw a bunch of posts on here but none of them seemed to be what I was looking for. I guess I just need to put my mind at ease. So my questions are should I worry about the transmission if I dont launch it from a complete stop? is it hard on the tranny if I punch it at 5-10 mph more like a rolling start? is shifting aggressively going to break it? Im going to keep the car stock and am not planning on increasing the power at all I just want to know if im getting on the on ramp and let loose its not going to rip apart on me.

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    two things to remember;

    ~Once rolling you can bring power on as hard as you want. Most breakage is on high rpm launch from dead stop or missed shifts/partial engagement.

    ~Make power IN gear.. not BETWEEN them.. The trans isn't made of glass but its not meant to have the piss beaten out of it either. Make sure its all the way into gear before getting back on the go pedal and you'll be fine.

    There are guys out there that are fully tuned with earlier cars and 6 figure mileage and not having any trans issues. Driver skill/habbits have a lot to do with how long the trans lasts. Abuse kills just about everything on a car.. weak links first. Remember you're charging the driveline with spinning up all 4 wheels and moving the weight of the car.

    The newer 5mt's are also reported to be much stronger than the earlier releases. I've not heard of anyone breaking one yet on a 3G car. Doesn't mean it hasn't happened.. but I'm sure it would be all over the forums if it had. There have been many issues with toasted clutches though. But again, more driver error than fault of the part.
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