Hi guys,

I am very seriously considering a 2010 or 2011 WRX for my next vehicle. I currently drive a Ford F-150 and it's time for something fun again.

I'm no stranger to AWD turbocharged cars, having owned an AWD eclipse, Talon, AWD Galant, and an AWD Explorer but this will be my first Subaru.

I love the platform. I'm still coming around on the looks of the 2010 sedan, but I found a screaming deal on one. (a 2011 5 door WRX was my first choice). But my local dealer has a brand new 2010 world rally blue sedan marked down to $28K (list in Canada is around $33K) which I'm seriously considering. I figure I can drive it for 2-3 years, and then get myself a 5 door when the time comes.

Anyway, hope to learn lots and continue my presence here after I purchase a car.