Planning on getting a WRX as my first entry into the Subaru world. Mitsubishi has been my sole love until I tried to drive competitively with the FWD Eclipse in the snow and I got sick and tired of it. I drove my friend's 07 2.5i and another friend's bugeye WRX and loved them both. The power of either would be great for a DD, but I have a thing for turbos (I have a 94 3000GT VR4) so the WRX seems to be my only option for the limited money I plan to spend as a base price on the car itself (7k).

After having spent quite a bit of time over the past week reading HUNDREDS of threads about these cars on here, I decided it will be worth it to me to own one. Hopefully through my ventures with the car, I can contribute to this community as much as it has helped me with my decision!

The only real question I believe I have that I'm sure can be answered with the search function, is how difficult is a dash swap from a newer STi into the WRX? I love those dashes and I know it can be done!