So a few months ago I bought an 02 wrx bug eye from Wayne Subaru in Wayne...Im really interested to know whos it was, they said it had one owner and it has a sticker on it. It throws me a CEL every now and again then goes away, which is new to me bc on my VW a CEL doesnt just disapear... it has STI stickers on it and i wanna know what parts this guy has on it and it has switches ALL over it that were definitly put in after and their all disconected but I want to know what they were to etc. Its got 200xxx miles on it and its silver bug eye. Had brembo cross drilled rotors which were warped and short throw shifter, momo steering wheel and an aftermarket boost gauge. its max boosting at 8 and I really wanna know if I can turn the the boost up because Its LAGGING bad. And pretty sure it has a boost leak.. Someone let me know if they know whos car this was I just wanna know what is in my car without taking it apart. Dealership knew nothing and I got it for dirt cheap so Im not complaining at all, just want to know :-D Its got an ugly rear bumper too which I believe is a zero sport replica, its not painted. I love the car and I want to fix it up and or trade it for one with lower mileage eventually and see if its worth replacing the motor if and when it goes because the bodys in excellent condition and interior is in great condition also. Someone help a sister out :-D