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This is a discussion on Just saying hi! within the New Member Hangout forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Greetings everyone! Thought I'd say hi to the community from Cape Town, South Africa Only a couple of months before ...

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    Just saying hi!

    Greetings everyone!

    Thought I'd say hi to the community from Cape Town, South Africa

    Only a couple of months before I become a owner. Been saving a while now and nearly there.

    By the way, great information you guys have here. Really going to help me out loads when I eventually find a WRX worth buying.

    *One kwik question: Would it be viable buying a STI over the normal WRX pertaining to reliability? The availability in South Africa is pretty limited (the limit being my wallet). Looking round for a 04.

    Best wishes guys/gals

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    Welcome! Does your local market get "world export" cars? If you have a choice, at least the 6spd gearboxes tend to age relatively well compared to the 5spds, and the 5ers have at least two different set of rations available -- some markets get the reasonable set but "world" gets the extra long top gear that's not much fun. The STi brakes are better too. See if you can find a single-owner car somewhere and be very cautious when buying etc.
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    Barloword owns (or use to) Subaru in South Africa which is quite large but there aren't many boxers driving around. Really struggle to find a STI, not to mention the condition.

    Im 23 now and i've been in love with the STI since the bugeye came out. Now and finally feel i'm at a age at which i should purchase one after saving, working and some investments.

    Thing is i've been shot between the STI which I would be able to afford at the cost of +- 100 000km (62137.1192237 miles haha) or I could get a wrx with less milage at the same cost.

    Obviously I want the STI and its all I've been thinking about and reading up on the last 5 years but I need to think logically and won't be able to afford an rebuild as of yet. Oil I'll do frequently and all the small things but no heavy work.

    Another thing, how can you resist the start-up guages So confused!!!!

    Sweet man, thanks for the help

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    Eddie, welcome!

    The Long Response.. Scroll down for the Short response

    My two cents would be to not buy the car based on the model you're looking for, but rather what kind of deal you will find in your current market. The automotive world of South Africa isn't my forte, hell, even domestic market confuses me sometimes, yet I've found with economies that don't have a large availability of one good will tend to throw two extremes at you, (1) the limited amount of 'good-excellent' condition cars for the price range you're looking to spend, and (2) cars that fall into your price range that aren't heavily abused/ticking time bombs.

    Trust me, it's very, VERY appealing to buy a project car- things have already been added/done to the car, it may come with things you yourself have been wanting to put on the car, the owner seems knowledgeable, the price is right... there's always a catch. I have too much first hand knowledge about botched project car purchases (never buy a pre-drifted '86 Corolla).

    With WRX/STi's.. the general rule of thumb is modified rides are worth far less than OEM-kept rides. This is due to the vast amount of things that can go wrong by modifying these types of cars, for example a Manual Boost Controller, which is 'accepted' as a (weak imo) option on the earlier 2.0L motors, can cause severe engine damage, or none at all depending on how the user set the boost/how the user drives. Certain intakes can cause severe A/F ratio changes that also blow up your motor. These are two popular 'first' round additions to any setup due to the cost of such parts to the perceived 'benefit' of adding said parts to the car.

    So, I advise you not to fall into the trap that the great deal on that 2004 STi with xxxx mods going for a price lower than OEM probably, and most like does, have a catch.

    You should also note the more a person is an enthusiast, the more his car has been tampered/altered with.

    Another thing on reliability: Our engines, both the EJ20 (2.0) and EJ25 (2.5L), have problems keeping health the higher the mileage. A 6 speed transmission is noted to be 'bulletproof', while the 5mt is noted to be a hell of a lot weaker, yet there are both types being blown out on the daily; many people manage to blow up 'bulletproof' transmissions by treating them like they actually are. They take technology from a 20+ year old synchro design. It's not bulletproof. It's how you drive it and maintain it that matters.

    I personally would go with a 2003-2005 WRX or a 2004 STi because with everything happening in the global economy, the money you saved from buying a 2.5L/2005+ STi can be put towards an engine rebuild or transmission rebuild, with you still coming away positive. The performance gap between an OEM 2005 STi and a WRX can be significantly reduced with a simple TBE and Stage II tune (XPT sells a map for ~$55, cheapest bang-for-your-buck, RELIABLE, mod you can do, given you don't drive it harder due to the extra power).

    2.0L WRX/STi

    -Gas Mileage!
    -Relatively cheap blocks to source for parts
    -Sticker price will be a lot lower
    -Stage II gives you 200+WHP easy (can go Stage II for as low as $150 depending on the deal you get on your Downpipe)

    Neutral aspects
    -Knowing you don't have the EJ25 gives you a dream to work toward


    -Aging model year (2002-2005)
    -Lacking low end torque
    -More expensive to 'build up' towards a bulletproof drivetrain
    -Open deck block
    -Softer/less 'race' orientated suspension/bushings

    It has potential to be a great car. IMO, I bought a WRX for the beauty of the whole package, not straight line racing against a lot of cars which, you'll find soon enough, smash on the WRX/STi platform on the freeway. Throw in some twisties and you'll really know why a Subaru is a Subaru

    this brings me to a wonderful proof...

    The short respopnse

    'Cheap, Fast, Reliable. Pick two.' - One smart dude.

    good luck!
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    All the browsing in the world cant make up for one on one interaction on specific questions pertaining to yourself so thanks once again.

    Never had the idea of buying one with any form of modification on it, though I would be doing some myself. There is a 02 STI with 80 000km (49 709 miles) available for R185 000 ($26 727) which looks like a great deal. Car is stock, well taken care of, ect. Prob is i wont be ready for another two or three months to purchase.

    Anyway, will see what comes along around the time when I'm able to purchase (still fairly indecisive). Whichever I choose, I know it would be a brilliant ride.

    Great stuff man, thanks for the info once again!

    P.s. the short response is on the buck!


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