Hi, I'm new to all this so I would appreciate some help... I looooooove my car and the way it runs and handles but I've got a lot to learn about performance parts etc.

2002 WRX Turbo Sedan - currently running an equal length header with c-less up pipe and catback from the STI setup. Due to a bottom strike, the phlange where it connects to the engine from the header is very warped and toast. So I must replace it (and the up pipe as well).

I am looking at another one (see url:http://cgi.ebay.ca/02-06-SUBARU-IMPR...#ht_3573wt_911) but I'm worried that it won't fit or work right because it's all in one piece whereas the parts are separate (the header and uppipe) on my old one.

Any advice would be MOST appreciated...