First off - I'm 29.

I've loved the WRX since they came stateside - now I'm ready to buy one. Just the regular WRX, not the STI all though the sedan looks sick and I actually like the wing.

I've been looking primarily at 2009s due to the increase in HP and car depreceation. Nationally I've found a few for around $21k with under 20k miles.

Locally I can get one with 17k from a local dealer ship for around $23k

However, another dealership list brand new 2011 WRXs with a few upgrades for $25k -- so only a $2k difference for used versus brand new?

What do you think?

Get the new one or continue to be patient and try to nab a 2009 sedan for around $20k? How much of a price drop will we see come January 2011?