New 01 Wrx owner, with immobliser problem
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    New 01 Wrx owner, with immobliser problem

    Ive had my Bug eye 01 WRX for about a month and im liking it so far. Ive had to pay to have a few things done to it but as of now, i cant even start it.

    All was going fine till the other day when i got into and couldnt start it, i noticed the red dot on the dash by the clock, which would normally be flashing red wasnt doing anything.

    The immobilser key (not the key you put in the ignition but the extra bit that just has the button on it, the standard subaru one) didnt do anything when i pressed it, the light on the key itself lights up so its not a battery issue (plus ive tried several brand new batteries in it)

    so it wont start at all, all the lights/windows/radio work which lead me to believe its not the car battery that is the problem, but the fact that somehow my immob is frozen or not deactivating to allow me to start the car.

    needless to say i was pissed when i had to pay for a tow truck to get it all the way back to my house.

    Ive tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery in the hope of resetting the immob but no luck. Im probably gonna have to get sparshatts (subaru specialist) in the uk to look at it.

    I was just hoping on a site like this someone may have some knowledge of what could be the problem, otherwise its gonna be a huge dent in my wallet to put it on a tow truck all the way to the subaru garage.

    What I was wondering is where the hell is the sensor?? is it that circular 'top' type thing in the centre of the dash right up next to the windscreen??

    Also does the immob have a fuse and is the immob conected to the battery??

    Any ideas on what could be the problem?? lose wires maybe and if so is there any site or walkthroughs of how i could dismantle my car to have a look (why the hell is there no haynes manual for subarus???)

    Anyway thanks for reading if youve read this far. Shame my first post is a long ass whine about my new scooby. Anyway ill probably post up pics soon
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