New to this forum and am looking for some possible advise. Looking to buy a WRX in order to have some sport and usability during winter. Western NY tends to get some snow. Here is what I found and was looking for some opinions on whether or not this is a deal or a scam?

It's a Wagon,an Auto (not preferred), and has 171,000 on the ticker and here has what has been done

Head gaskets replaced
New Turbocharger VF-43 from a 06 STI with around 36,000 miles NO waste gate cracks either.
New Turbo inlet pipe 3”
New Turbo Up pipe 3”
New Turbo Down pipe 3”
New Heavy Duty Fuel Pump “Walbro” 255 LPH
New Fuel Injectors “DeatschWerks” 750cc
New “GReddy” Racing spark plugs.
New 3 ˝” Stainless Steel Exhaust from “R2 Racing” from turbo back (NO cats) No problems!!!!!
New Slotted & Cross Drilled Rotors, Zinc Plated Upgraded size from “Brake Force Labs”.
New “Hawk” Ceramic Heavy Duty Disk Brakes.
New “KN Typhoon” Short Cold air filter.
New OEM “STI” Inner cooler.
New 17” Superleggera Titanium Wheels “OZ Racing” mounted with Dunlop SP Sport Performance tires.
New “Gates” timing belt kit installed. New Water pump and tensioner pullies all together replaced.

$7,000. or B/O

Dude apparently has receipts of most all the work that has been done. Like I said, I am just looking for some opinions on this car. I am new to the Subie market and not sure on a lot of the reliability.