Hi Peeps, bought my first subaru last week, purchased a 1996 Impreza WRX STI Import, very pleased, White with gold wheels, looks the bomb. (should be a couple of files attached)...

However being 14 years young, it has a few problems, first is the water pump, the car almost reaches over heating down the motorway in low revs, however when i accelerate and push it above 3-4000 revs it starts to cool down , so can anyone suggest the best place to get a waterpump from and can anyone tell me where the waterpump is for a start ...lol

2nd problem i have is the boost controller limits at 0.7 and the fella who i bought the car off did tell me i need a new box, any suggestions for this ??

Of course there are a few little bits need doing, but although i know diddly sqaut about engines i know how to fix these things..

anyway, any help would be much appreciated..