Iv been trolling this site for about 2 weeks and picked up tones of good information. I have been considering buying a WRX for some time and just recently started researching the cars. I was going to get an STi but I am not sure that I wana start out on that as i will probably end up with some tickets ><. Im still not sure what I want to do but I have found an 02' WRX priced at $10,500 with 60k miles on it. Also it has a stage 2 Cobb kit, a short shifter and some other little things. As far as the car I am thinking about driving to see it i know basic stuff and have read all the "looking to buy" threads but Price is always my downfall. As fas ar the choice between the WRX and STi I know its mine but any other thoughts would be greatly appriciated. Thanks for all the fun threads and awsome information.