Yo, so my name is Mark and i recently have grown, obsessed i think is the word, with wrx's. I graduated from University of Kansas this year and I'm 25(took me a while cause i was usually setting off car alarms with my sound system instead of going to class, but i guess i finally buckled down and finished school once and for all)
I used to own a 2002 infiniti Qx4 that i invested about 20 grand into(car audio) but i sold that 3 weeks ago and bought a 2004 wrx. I had followed my friends sports cars and what they were doing to them (because i'd install sound systems in their vehicles) but they all had honda civics and Acura integras so i wasn't too interested. My friend got a 97 European wrx...like before they had the hood scoop, and that thing was soooooooo sick!!!! Had the steering wheel on the right side and everything...5 speed manual. i fell in love and always wanted one but kept putting off getting one each year until recently. I had researched this car for several days for hour upon hour each day and was so motivated to get a nice deal on a quality wrx that i traveled 300 miles away to obtain it. BUUUUUT as i was driving it home (was 17 miles from my house) i heard a super loud clank and then a bang and then my car dies. Turns out one of the piston heads ruptured and my piston rod destroyed my entire engine. crappy right? kinda...except 4 days later when the dealership gave me my money back i found an 02 wrx with an INSANE amount(it seamed anyway) of mods for the same price i had just got back, so i bought it.
Buuuut i have no idea how exactly these mods all work...just that this car... IS RIDICULOUSLY FAST compared to anything I've EVER driven or been driven in. So i looked in to them all and they are as follows:

-VIS Carbon Fiber hood w/ STi scoop
-Morette headlights
-STi fog light covers
-STi center console and arm rest
-60mm Blitz EL Glow boost and EGT gauges
-Center dash mount 3 pod gauge cluster
-Greddy shift knob Short throw shifter
-PE 1818F turbocharger (http://www.rallysportdirect.com/shop...sti-p-689.html) This turbo is sooooooooooo siiiiiick! It is set to 20 psi atm.
-TurboXS Hypercooler front mount intercooler with upper & lower polished piping
-Fluidyne 3" radiator
-Borla 3" turbo back exhaust
-Maxim Werks Headers
-Type RA gearset for transmission
-ACT SB3-XTG6 Clutch
-ACT Streetlite flywheel
-StTi front and rear upper sway bars
-Full tein coilover suspension
-TurboXS UTEC fuel computer
-Blitz SBC-ID boost controller
-Blitz Power Meter ID
-HKS Type-0 turbo timer
-770cc injectors

The wrx has 488 wheel horse power after taking it to get dyno tested and tuned today at my friends dad's shop. My friends dad said this is a lot for the 2.0 engine but the way it's built it can easily handle it. He said i can turn the boost up but it's way fast enough for me, i almost need to turn it down! On the interstate i can get from 65 to 85 miles an hour in like literally 1 second.

I've been looking online for a couple hours and i guess it isn't common for the wrx 2.0 in an 02 to be at the horsepower that mine is.
Driving this thing was an ENTIRELY NEW experience!!! I can't describe it! For those of you that know what it felt like the first time you experienced your wrx...imagine like right at the peak of when you would normally shift, suddenly you don't have to and you get another 4000 rpm's of acceleration per gear! I'm sure that sounded stupid as hell but whatever lol.
Anyway my intentions are to learn everything i can about any of the stuff i mentioned! I can only find so much information on certain parts, and therefore am open to any legit information i can obtain from anyone!

I'll post pictures this week for sure, peace!