Hi all,
I just purchased a '02 WRX Wagon (white, 5-spd) from my brother. He is now driving my '03 Audi TT ... made the swap 'cause there's a little one on the way!
Anyway, the interior is in great shape, exterior is decent (couple door dings that I might fix). For having 113,xxx miles on it, it's in great shape!
There are a couple problems with the car that I'd like to fix.
1) The oil temperature sensor (3 gauge pack on the dash) isn't working. I think it's a poor design from Subaru to have that temp. sensor double as the oil pan plug. Has anyone relocated the temp sensor? If so, would something like this work?: http://www.fastwrx.com/reoilprsekit.html Also, anyone have pics of which oil galley this is referring to (and if I can use it for temp sensor)? http://www.fastwrx.com/oilgalleryplug.html
2) If the oil temp sensor is kaput, any suggestions on where to get it (like subaruparts.com ? )
3) The stock fog lights are broken. I'm probably going to get some protective grills and replace them with something a little brighter. Any suggestions? I'm hoping for something that is relatively "plug and play" and fits nicely into those BIG holes.

Thanks for your help! Time to scoure the FAQs, HOW-TOs, etc.