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    New to the WRX crowd

    Hi All -

    I just bought a 2008 WRX Hatch, Pearl White, 5spd. This is my first AWD Turbo car. I have previously owned an '06 GTO 6spd, and several Mustangs (street and race cars). I have very little knowledge of my WRX and its powerplant, other than the basics.

    I would like to learn more about making this car a bit more fun to drive without getting too wild. Upgrade the suspension, brakes, exhaust & computer, etc.

    Thanks -

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    Welcome =).

    Are probably two good threads to browse over. Apply a lot of common mods to imprezas. Some of the mods that are common (intake for example) aren't as beneficial on these cars, and some weird ones are oddly useful.

    Tuning is also normally required to get any form of gain out of your mods. That being said if all is in good condition and you have nice tires, I'd say start looking into some engine management options. Open source is cheap if you are ambitious. Cobb/Perrin use an access port that is pretty user friendly, but only uses "Off the shelf" maps and is pretty pricey. Can always get a pro tune too.

    Most install a turbo back exhaust (down pipe/cat back) and get a tune (normally called "stage 2" if you feel so compelled). Past this, engine mods start to get more costly/hp.

    Bunch of easy to do suspension mods that help out a lot too. Sway bars and bushings seem to really make a big difference.

    Enjoy your ride, and post some pictures, old cars too =)
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