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    New WRX owner

    2004 Impreza WRX in beautiful San Remo Red (seems to be the rarest color... love it).

    Well, actually I've had her for almost 10 months, but I still consider myself new to the car.

    She's an automatic, but I can live with that. She's also completely stock. I know most reading those last few sentences are squirming in their seats, but I have no need/desire to dump obscene amounts of money into modifications that serve me no purpose (spent enough money replacing the engine, and that was WITH my warranty...).

    She's my commuter with balls. A good all-around car with power should I need it.

    That said, home-tweaking isn't out of the question.

    I currently get about 20mpg, which ain't too damn bad. Can this be improved with a higher quality air filter? Currently I have a Fram Tough-Guard (first thing I grabbed off the shelf in a hurry). Meant for trucks/SUV's, but doesn't seem to have any negative effect on power compared to the stock filter.

    I was also told (vaguely) something about replacing some T-connector with a commonly available piece from Lowe's or Home Depot. I haven't found mention here, and I'm not gonna screw around under that hood without a good idea as to what I'm doing (I'm not a car guy, I know just enough to change my oil and rotate my tires, stuff like that).

    Also, I'm completely new to turbocharged engines. Considering my needs, I wouldn't get another. In fact, I'd trade my WRX in for a regular Impreza if I wasn't already so damn attached to her. Anything I should know, or any behaviors should be modified in regular driving patterns, when it comes to a turbo?


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    Welcome to the club!

    Good regular maintenance is the best thing you can do. No worries with the turbo. You should definitely take some time to explore and possible bookmark the links in my signature.
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    Greetings and welcome to the Club!

    SRR is an unusual color ...

    I'd opt for an OEM filter ... none of them will give you better mileage.
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