hi guys, im super Noob to the forum as well as with the WRX community.

im ditching my sweet baby car soon and im thinking of getting an StI

i came here to read some threads, to be educated on the car as well as ask some technical questions. im not NEW to MODIFICATIONS but new to the Subaru world.

I hate the way they look but i have learned to accept them. im mainly interested in power. and the great engineering that Subaru have put in this model.

if you have any suggestions and things to say. feel free to speak up. i don't judge or care much about people going off topic. so feel free to talk in here. the more you guys say stuff the more i learn.

all the info on my car is on my profile page. but here some that i can think on top of head

Car: Scion tc


* vortec v5trim super charger
*nst 12 psi pulley
*unichip emangement
*AEm watermeth injection
*trd srping/ strut
*trd swaybar
*azenis 615