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    Just wanted to say whats up and great forum you all have here. I just found a 94 first gen AWD impreza on craigs and had to have it!

    now i posted in another section and havent had any responses yet so ill try here?

    The car runs perfectly but has a few minor issues that i would like to fix.

    The guy that had it b4 me had a shotty mechanic install a new clutch and exhaust both are the OEM parts. the guy welded the exhaust on but when he did that burnt right through the pipe and didnt even put any gaskets on so the thing is extremely loud. the gearbox also is a little weird third isnt in the top middle its more like where fourth should be and fourth is wayyyyyyyyy top right, how do i fix this and what caused it?

    another Question, if i throw a magnaflow universal exhaust on there will everything work out ok? was also wondering to tell what engine it has in it as the guy said that it had a swap from 1.8 to a 2.0 i know theres a way to tell i just dotn know how?

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    Welcome aboard, hope you get your issues resolved.
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    Welcome to the site, sounds like the shifter linkage is borked.
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    Good news, everyone!

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    When you say the shifter linkage, what will i need to buy to fix this? now ive been dreaming of a sti for quite some time and i know this is far from it lol. however i love the rumble of subie's and the woosh of the blow off valves. this car looked to have some potential for only 500$ lol.

    i was looking at turbo's and found a turbonetics one but its kinda pricy. what would i search for to get a oem turbo? any site referals for parts for this?

    like i said i really wanna fix it up and learn more about the engines etc. any help is appriciated.


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