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I'm a car salesman, and take it from my experience, at some point during the purchase of a vehicle, you WILL be upside down in it. That's just the way things go. Purchase the car outright, and accept the fact that every person in this country that is paying for a car has, or has had negative equity. Its just the way it goes man. I think the national average for an overage on your lease mileage is $.18 per mile. If you sign up for a 12k mile per year lease, and put 15k on it each year, times 36 months, you will owe $1620 at the end of your lease. So, take that into consideration. Plus, you pay for any scratches, dents, dings, cracked windows, etc. It sounds better at first b/c of the lower interest rates, which result in lower payments....but it is another way for the dealerships to make money. They expect you to return a car in brand new condition, which isn't possible after 3 years of ownership. Just food for thought man, I would stick with the purchase...at least it will be YOURS one day.
Huh? I'm going to be financing a car with a value of $15,000. I put $5,000 down and pay ~$220 every month for four years would never make me upside down. I'll agree that MOST of our country are not in that situation but that was the only way I was going to get into this car. I don't want to be stuck with it so... I will ensure never being upside down.

I know a lot of people who lease and don't have problems. You lease a car because you may not be able to afford to finance it. In a lease you only pay for the use of the car and not the whole thing. Leasing is not stupid for everyone.