Last fall I went on mission to find an upgraded rear wiper blade for my wife's 2002 Outback and I ended-up finding a great wiper blade for all around... If you want to upgrade to the newer-style frameless wipers, I could only find one aftermarket choice that had the 14" size for the rear. They also come in the required sizes for the front so I got those too. I found the "Trico NeoForm Beam Blades" online and they're fairly priced, wipe super well, are super quiet, and look really good. They perform well in rain, mist, snow and ice and put up with the abuse of a Wisconsin winter. Anyway, I just got an email from where I got mine and there's currently a $15 rebate on NeoForms through 5/15/10 and a additional $5 instant coupon "springreturningcustomer" not sure when it expires... I'm not ready to replace mine yet so take it if you want it!