i guess id could introduce myself as a start, my name is Dillon, but those who know me call me DJ. i have been driving since i was seventeen and am turning twenty in a couple months. i currently do not own a wrx, but im thinking of owning one. i have owned three vehicles in my life and 2 were motorcycles, a gsx600f katana, but tragedy came when a dump truck hit it when it was parked, i then figured it was time to move up to a kawasaki zx6r.
My first car was was a 1997 3.8 v6 mustang. mustangs have been in my family for generations, i accuired this car for an 8th grade graduation present from my grandfather who owned two cobras and thought it would be a good time to start me off with the tradition.
Now about a week ago i was involved in an accident where i was traveling around 40mph when a 05 gmc sierra pulled out in front of me, ending up as my car being a total loss. i had a witness saying it wasnt my fault and after a day or two of fighting the other driver admitted he was at fault. (i saw a thread on here telling kids they shouldnt be driving a wrx because they would probally get involved in a collision, i dont consider myself a kid; to others ((parents age)) i still am)
i first saw a legacy gt and admired its boxy style, and compared it to one of my dream cars a skyline r34 the other being the car my mom owned a 1970 mustang mach 1. after realising that the car didnt have much power, but is more practical for the area i live in i decided i wanted to go to a subaru for the AWD and after being a RWD mustang dreading winters i knew it was time for a change. i fell in love with a WRX after taking a ride in my friends 06 sti.
I was on craigslist and saw a 02 WRX for 5k, downside is it has 200k miles on it, which the owner claims is highway
Tires are brand new and radiator was recently replaced. See below for all the additional mods...

Stage 2 Clutch
HKS Catback Exhaust with Carbon Muffler
Utech ECU programmed to 16psi
Injen Cold Air Intake
B&M Short-throw Shifter
GFB Blow-off Valve
Fiberglass Hood with Carbon Fiber Overlay
Autometer Boost Gauge
Outback Alloy Rims
those are the list of mods done to it. knowing domestic cars high mileage doesnt last unless it was well taken car of, but as i seen from toyotas, hondas they dont seem to die.
so i guess if anyone could lend me any tips on picking out a WRX or anything that would be usefull when i go to look at one.

if you took the time to read my life story thanks, i couldnt sleep because of my back from accident.