Hello there!

I'm currently a high school student with great interests in computers, especially software development and stuff (For those that care, I'm a proud Gentoo user). Thanks to that, I got a nice freelance programming job that's going to be paying very well (for me, at least ).

So anyway, I'll be looking to get my first car soon. Of course, I don't want anything *too* fancy (pointless for me right now to work a million jobs over the summer and buy a 2010 anything), but I do want a fun, powerful car, and the more I think about it, the more I want things like the boxer engine and 4wd. So, I've pretty much settled on some requirements:

MUST be:
*Subaru Impreza WRX (any year)
*Clean-titled - no nightmares with the salvage titles or anything!
*Under $7000. If I wait several months until the end of summer, I can add to this number, but I think I'd rather get a car with that, and maybe do some mods with the extra money (probably only minor cosmetic and audio system changes). I have to do title/license fees (shouldn't affect the number too much...), but my parents will do insurance (thank god - the companies don't seem to appreciate giving low prices to teenage boys in good cars )
*Nearby - I can *probably* drive 100-150 miles to get this thing, but nothing in chicago or anything.
*Manual - although I have not practiced on it yet, I'd really like to have available that extra control. Also, consider the "cool" factor

Should be:
*Sedan. Although the hatchback style is somewhat appealing to me, the old wagons aren't as great. I'd learn to love it, but I like the trunk so much more.

Other preferences:
*I like all the colors, but I have a soft spot for the WRB. Especially with the blue cloth interior on some of the models... although a nice silver or black would still work for me.

So, yes, I've done a bit of research (and much more to do). I've seen a ton of WRX's around locally (my HS is on the community college campus, there's a surprising amount of subarus and WRX's in particular). Especially here in NJ, it seems like a nice car like this is perfect (we plow the streets, but the side streets are always a mess. We also don't use the terrible-on-the-body salts of new england). I hope to go to college up north, though, and a subaru wouldn't hurt among that climate :P .

Plus, it seems that a used subaru is a great investment - they seem to be easy-to-maintain (and thus they last forever), easy to mod (especially the wrx - no problem to get more out of it), and certainly fun to drive.

So, this is not particularly a sollicitation for offers (I won't actually be prepared to buy this for AT LEAST a few weeks, and I'll prolly hold off until my birthday in may so that I can get it in my name instead of my parents'), but just as an introduction of me to this community, and perhaps even an opening for discussion about what I should consider wrt my desires.

Oh yeah, and don't you DARE suggest I get a "nice, economical, etc." car like a civic... . Not only would I hate driving something like that the whole time I owned it, but I know from my sister (who just got a used one) that they are TERRIBLE in snowy climates... and of course have 0 acceleration, horsepower, and more importantly fun.

So, I hope to be around here for a long time! I also hope that I'll be able to post soon as an actual owner instead of just a researcher