Very strongly considering a 2010 WRX Premium. While I am negotiating price I may ask for some deals on parts and installation. That said I was considering the following parts and wanted to know if people thought they were helpful to have:
1) short throw shifter- 300
2) sti shifter bushings- 25
3) lower chassis brace- 200
4) front tower brace- 230
5) boost gauge- 344 (went to subaruonlineparts.com and saw the 2010 model, not sure if older models are compatible)
6) rod pitching stopper- 55
7) sti trans mount- 83

*prices all from subaru website, think these are all SPT parts

I have the following questions (sorry this is kind of a lot):
1) Are these all worthwhile, any others that would make a big difference? (as of now I am thinking I will hold off on exhaust because of the $$$ involved)
2) Do the "lower chassis brace" and "front tower brace" put more wear-and-tear on the suspension, or do they reduce fatigue by distributing some load to the frame? Do the transmission modifications have an impact on the reliability/longevity of the transmission?
3) Any thoughts on fair pricing for installing any of these parts? A total number or rule-of-thumb percentage number would be helpful.
4) Any experience with dealing with warranties on parts? I was reading somewhere that SPT parts installed at the dealer were covered under the 3 year/36k miles warranty.
5) I was going to have this installed at Mid City Subaru on Irving Park Road in Chicago. Anyone have good or bad experiences with their service department?
6) Last one I swear, what do people think of break-in-periods for these cars? First 1000 miles take it easy on acceleration, top speed under 70, no cruise control use?