I have sold my mazdaspeed 3 about 7 months ago (had CAI, full DP, BPV, slotted rotors, engine mounts, etc etc...), nicely moded(AFMS3's 2007 Mazda MAZDASPEED 3 - Pemberton, NJ). got to the point where i was barely getting traction in 3rd. It was walking away from 08 STI(cai, cb, ap tune) from 50-120mph(ran 13.6, @ 110mph with 2.3 60ft!stock tires). Anyway, reason i sold it, cause i wanted something more classier, and something that i can get traction with (rwd)(no more FWD!!!! for me). So my 1st choice 06-07 C6 vette, second Z4M coupe, and 3rd is kind of still open.. my brother keeps telling me that should be getting something more "hip" than a vette (i'm 24). he's advice is evo X, but i really don't like it, i'm more attracted to scubbie.
soo.... can you guy's tell me in couple of words about 08+ STI's. I know general, small amount of info. 2.5 turbo, 300bhp, awd, and had an issue with an engine lol soo, what's the status with the engine failures? how much whp is it putting down? 1/4 times? what's going on with mods and what kind of power am i looking at on stock engine/turbo? any other issues? Most importantly for how much can i get one?
currently i turned down 08 C6 with Z51, npp 6k miles for $31 z4mc is very rare, but no modding options. I'm looking for sub 30k, and low miles.