Hi everybody! I just bought my first WRX!!! Iíve had a 1997 Impreza Brighton since 1999. About a month ago I somehow managed to melt/sheer/utterly destroy the keyway on the main output shaft to the timing and idle pulleys. In the end the í97 needs a new crankshaft (among other things), so at 232,000 miles, I decided it was time to get a newer car. So a couple of weeks ago I found a beautiful silver 2004 WRX and I had to have it! I love this car! Itís completely stock, and been well taken care of. Itís got some miles on it (117K), but I know these cars can go for ever if you take care of them.

I have already been browsing the treads here and have got some answers to question I have had about my new car. Thanks! I do all of my own work, so I will be a regular around here for everything from general maintaince to mods. I have already gone over the car to make sure that all maintaince is up to date (first thing was to check the timing belt). If you know of anything outside the norm that I should check on let me know!

First aftermarket thing Iím going to do is get a new stereo for it! I canít believe that MP3 CD players were not standard in í04. After that some suspension work, tires, possibly rims. Iím a road course racer so Iím handling first, then power!

Thatís all from me! See you around the forum!