Hello to all you fellow suby bro's and chicks out there I just bought a 09 wrx about a month ago and i am lovin it! So before i started to look like a creeper i thought i'd introduce myself. Atm i live in jacksonville florida, but thats about to change (since im in the military) Thanks to everyone here im learning a ton of stuff about my new baby, so i would like to say thank you to everyone in advance for the help i've gotten so far and will ask for in the future.

My first question though, only cause from all i've read im not 100% sure, has to do with the cobb AP. I know the basics of what it does and was just wondering if you still need to get your car tuned if you have one. This being my first car i actually plan on modding im new to the whole tuning thing( though i am very verse in car maintenance )

Again thanks everyone and its great to be here