Breaking in 2010 WRX
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    Breaking in 2010 WRX

    Hey Just bought a new 2010 WRX premium.

    What precautions should one take during the "break in period"?

    Does this car really require higher octane fuel?

    I would appreciate any info.


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    Hello and welcome to the Club!

    The break-in should be outlined in your owner's manual.

    According to my 2004 manual: revving the engine above 4000 rpm should be avoided if at all possible for the first 1000 miles.

    Yes, 91 octane or better is required. If you are forced to use lesser grades due to availability the engine should be driven conservatively until 91 or better can be added. If 93 is available, use it.
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    At LEAST 91 octane is required for almost ANY forced induction car. Just as an FYI, so yes premium is a must.

    Subaru recommends a 1000 mile break in period, no greater than 4000 RPM's, as said above. As for me, I did a rather lengthy break in period just because I'm anal, patient, and didn't want to risk any long term problems.

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    Nothing lower than 91 is to be used. So yes, premium is required.

    Drive normal. By that I mean no mashing on the throttle, redlining, etc. Just drive the way you normally would with other cars on the road. Don't break it in with road trips. The RPMs need to vary during break in, so street driving is preferred.

    If you want, changed the oil at 1,000 miles as a precaution.
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