Hello everybody! I have owned my 08 WRX for about 2 months now. FINALLY getting used to the clutch, ‘rough’ engine, and everything else that goes into driving one of there subarus. LOVE IT! My main question for now is: When I’m in third gear and accelerating somewhat hard, somewhere around 3700 to 4000 RPM I feel a very very slight hesitation in the acceleration. I would describe the hesitation as multiple slight jerks like the fuel is getting cut off and then back on over and over. I also feel it in 5th gear when on the highway. I will be cursing around 80 and then go to overtake somebody in the slow lane and again, the very slight hesitation. Could it be turbo lag at all? Anybody else feel this? What kind of things can cause this… not just in a Subaru specifically but any car for that matter? My WRX has no mods or upgrades at all. 13000 miles. THANKS EVERYBODY!