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    Need legal advice

    So about a month ago I hired a mechanic(from CTR) to do a head rebuild on my 05 Subaru WRX. I told him me and my dad will pay him 800 to rebuild the head plus the parts. Well, he did and I we paid him. The car ran fine until it blew a head gasket a week later. My mechanic made us a guarantee that the engine will run without a problem so I gave him a call and he said he'd come fix it without a problem. He said he'd come Wednesday but he didnt come. Then he said he'd come the fallowing Saturday and once again he failed to show up. Now, it has ben almost a month and he continues to purposely avoid my calls and I'm sick of it.

    What legal action can we take so I can either get the job finished or my money back?

    I'm hoping someone can help me out.
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    You're in a difficult situation. Understand that if there is no paperwork or written guarantee, this is sort of your word vs. your mechanic's. I would say threatening civil suit would scare him into fixing his insufficient work, but usually when you pay someone under the table to do a job for you, it is tough to prove that you were had. However, you just spent 800 dollars plus parts costs, and that is one heft chunk of change to lose as part of nothing more than a lesson learned. I recommend that you keep trying to get a hold of him. Go find him if you have to. It is very easy to lie to someone over the phone, being much harder in person. Tell him that you will go to other customers and fill them in on the scam he is running. If that doesn't work, find a lawyer you know personally and trust, and have them call him. Other than that, you legally don't have much of a leg to stand on. Sorry Chief, hope that helps!

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