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    Clubrsx newcomer

    Hey guys... I own a 04 rsx type-slow lolll and i was thinking about swapping for a WRX.... I really want an STI but seeing as im 19 and in college i can't really afford the car or the issurance... I was just wondering what you guys think about going from a type-s to a WRX ... i know the WRX is quicker but is it really easy to modifiy? the thing that is keeping me from modding my rsx is FWD and unforged internals.... Im thinking with a AWD turbo car modding should be relativeley easier and cheaper? I was hopping to get input from someone who wanted an STI but settled for a WRX... do you regret it? In your opinion should i just wait it out till i can get an STI.... Im just really confused about the whole thing and clubrsx is no help they tend to be a tad arrogant and unhelpfull..... Anyway thanks for the help and i hope I eventually make clubwrx my new home

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    i got a wrx and loved it. i did, however, wish i had an sti. there was a big difference in performance and power b/w the two. i had no intention of getting a new car, since i still loved my wrx, but i got a great deal. since the '10's are about to come out, deals are great now. in fact, i got a brand new (17 orig. mi) '08. after i traded my wrx it was a steal. look around and with a trade and the current economic situation a new sti is a lot more affordable than you think (especially since there is no difference b/w the '08 and '09 sti). if you can find one cheap, get the sti. the wrx is still a great buy though, and you definitely won't be disappointed
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    Greetings and welcome to the Club!

    The mod options for a WRX are nearly endless only limited by your imagination and budget.

    Sorry I bought a WRX instead of an STi? Sometimes, but mostly no. An STi was not within my budget in 2004. The STi six speed alone is nearly worth the extra $. I have modded my WRX to near and / or beyond stock 2004 STi performance in many respects.
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    I love my 04' WRX but if I could have afforded the STI, god knows I would have purchased that instead. But long story short you wont be dissapointed in a WRX, Im sitting at a Stage II Cobb AP, just waiting to save some money for a ProTune and I will be more then satisfied until I get a budget increase so I can purchase an STI trans, work on the suspension, STI TMIC, larger injectors and a VF39 or similar type turbo upgrade and I will be overly happy with my WRX. Do yourself a favor and get rid of that RSX -Type SLOW, and get the WRX you will love it.
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