After a savage few months at work I have fimally managed to get the internet sorted at home so can get on line a bit more.

Obviously not being a new member but someone that dips in now and again would be nice to touch base with the people I know.

Have had a terrible week with the Crank pulley shreading and disintergrating the woodruf key bent the crank oil seal as well drivning home so have been working on the car all weekend upto now.

Had been quoted £3K for a full forged rebuild but a friend who's running a 550 BHP UK Spec 2000 turbo happened to have the following in his garage which he kindly donated to me and fitted for the price of a Bacon Baugette. Thanks Mike L your a legend.

Parts Donated
HKS Filter
Cam Belt
Woodruf key
Crank pulley
Crank seal
5 litres of 10w - 50w oil
Oil Filter
HKS Iridium Spark Plugs

If there was ever a reason to belong to a forum this is it. I had previously spoken to a Garage and was quoted £1000 plus VAT.

Thanks god for friends.

PS - Big shout to Weasel TheJ and Tmann hope you are all well.