hi how's it going? my name's scott. i been building honda motors for about 5 years. recently i started building fully built motors.. for hondas, about 2 years ago. (don't be a hater).

anyways about a week or so ago, my homeboy who drives an 03 imprezza wrx was on a cruise through the canyons, and somehting happened where all the oil was lost and the bottom end fried out on him. spun a rod bearing and now it's toast. i have a new bottom end coming in, just the stock replacement wrx short block, and i wanted to know if there's any tricks to pulling the motor and slapping this bottom end to the heads and putting it back in.. where can i get some good info on this job? and any personal insight would be great.

like i said, i can build and swap it, just gotta get some info first before i dig into this build.. torque specs on head bolts, cam caps, and whatever else is needed would also be greatly appreciated.

thanks for your helps in advance..