hey all,

i'm a convert from NASIOC, i thought that i'd be able to get more help over here on CLUBWRX though. Besides, the more people you talk too the more you can learn about whatever the hell it is your talking about.

About me,
I'm a shop tech at a theatrical supply company who is trying to get his first gig as a licensed special effects technician. with luck that may come as soon as next week. I also work part time at a motorcycle dragstrip (Thunderdrags.com)

About my ride,

it's an 02 WRX wagon, production date 01/01 (so I guess that makes it an 01 ). I don't really have alot of money to spend on it right now, but my immidiate plans are for a Primitive Motorsports body armor kit and a whole new brake system as well as an Optima red top.

I'm currently getting my ASE certifications out of the way and more than that...i ain't got

my ride,

look forward to future discussion,