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Yea, with mine you can hear it. It is a sweet sould, kinda addicting :lol:. The intake went in very easily. Injen had clear instructions, photos, etc. Plus my car had like 1500 miles on it, so nothing was rusty or tough to get off. I think the whole install took me about 20-30 mins. That is parked outside and going very carefully so I didn't miss anything. I have photos of it installed on my photobucket, but I can't get to that where I am at right now. I will post some for you when i get home.

Forgot I had some posted on here:New Parts + 2008 WRX= good saturday morning

I got a few more mods now, but I don't update this site too often.
Looks great! Nice pics!
I've been toying with the idea of putting an intake on, for the sole purpose of hearing the BPV because I think it's a cool sound, regardless of what people say about intakes on the 08/09! I think the exhaust will be first though.

Oh and as far as the SPT exhaust goes, you can get it here for $530 shipped.
SPT Cat-Back Exhaust for the 2008 WRX (5-door)
If you're going to be paying full price for the SPT (~800) I would consider looking at the Cobb, since you can then drop in their DP to match if you get to that point. But at 500 bucks, the SPT isn't a bad deal. It only seems that way since some people got them for 300