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One of the reasons I don't plan on ever selling my WRX is because I've got too much invested in it to let it go for such a cheap price. Look at my mod list. Then look at my car. I've got some scratches and dents and the car has a little over 90k miles. Granted I'll probably break down and get it painted in a year or so, and sooner or later it will get a built ej257.

But for now, I enjoy driving it. It's fun, mostly a sleeper - though the exhaust kinda ruins it, as do the volks. Check the car out, give it a drive. NEVER LAUNCH! Don't shift too hard/fast, that's how I broke my 5-speed, well that and a grippier clutch. Assuming everything on the car was done right, and maintained, and the car wasn't kept on boil constantly.... it could turn out to be a great deal for 8k. But if you wind up breaking the trans, it gets a little expensive.