Hey guys please help... I got an 02 WRX and first off let me say that it is without a doubt the BEST car I have ever owned! Ok now for the problem part... I dont know if this is common but when I take corners either hard or kind of hard there is a horrible squeaking noise coming (definitley from the rear) and sometimes so much even up front?! It literally sounds like metal on metal?! I dont really know how else to explain it... It also makes this horrible noise when I go up some kind of an embankment or pretty much anything.... And the second question is probably a lot simpler and that is how to install a "STI" y-pipe? My friend gave me a y-pipe last week(one that isnt plastic) and I really want to install it but am having a really hard time finding DIY online..... I figured it was time to ask all of you guys these hopefully basic questions.... Thanks to all of you in advance and I am open to all of your well versed knowledge and wisdom!