Well where to start.... About 4 months ago I bought a 1996 jap import wrx sti and basically I love it! The handling is like nothing I've driven before and..... well lets just say I love it! Unfortunatly I love it so much I've managed to blow the head gasket, I've also been made redundant and I just wanna get it working again. I've spoken to scooby clinic and they're saying it'll be about £2000 to get fixed. I've found another company that will sort out the problem for £650 but I need to get the engine out myself..... This is where it starts, I dont know if anyones tried getting a service and repair or workshop manual for one of these things but they seem very hard to come by. I'm sure I can get the engine out but would appreciate some kind of instructions so I dont end up with lots of little bits of impreza. Can anyone point me in the right direction so the beast can live again?!