Hi, I'm REALLY new to actually modifying and owning a car, but not so much to the tuning scene, especially Subaru. There is a lot I still dont understand though, so I figured a forum like this could help me out exponentially in modifying my car.

I'm only 5 grand from having enough to buy a decent 04 Impreza WRX, so I'll have it fairly soon and I figured as much knowledge I have going into this, the better prepared I'll be ^^.

I DO have a few questions, but I've looked at the subforums list and dont really know where to put them still, so if its alright, I'll post em here and if you can tell me where future questions like these go, I'd appreciate it.

1) I read that the current Impreza WRX and STis have AVCS in for both intake and exhaust and that it can be modified to eliminate turbo lag. I lost the article and cant test what I remember, so I was wondering if someone has done this and what they did and if this is worth the extra 25 grand (I have 12 at the moment)for the new STi. Or at least an engine swap.

2) I was also wondering about the reliability of these online aftermarket dealers, as there are so many and none seem totally trustworthy. If any of you know some good dealers online, I'd appreciate it greatly if you could post the URLs to the sites for me. Second part: Are actual shops better for me to aquire parts than online stores? I live nowhere near the hubs of the tuning culture, so I'm asking.

3)What are good tuning shops? I know shops like Prodrive and Cosworth are the elite, but I need something a little less costly. I've read about JUN and Tomei, but I dont see many Subie enthusiasts loaded down with their parts. Are they just as expensive as Cosworth and Prodrive? If they are, can you give me some advice on others?

These are the more difficult questions I've got. I've got MANY other driving related questions, but these are more immeadiate. Advance thanks for any answers I get.