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    Post acronym stuff

    Definitely a good thread but I didn't see anything about the STi Version(s).
    I know from time to time people talk about doing ver. 7 engine swaps and adding ver. 5 wings. Now you can look like you know what their talking about.

    GC chassis 1992-2000

    STI Version(S), year, and chassis code(s):
    I: 1992-1994 GC8A/B
    II: 1995 GC8C
    III:1996 GC8D
    IV: 1997 GC8E
    V: 1998 GC8F
    VI: 1999 GC8G
    *all GC body style*

    New GD chassis 2001-now:

    A 2001
    B 2002
    C 2003
    D 2004
    E 2005
    F 2006
    G 2007

    In USA that would be:
    VII 2002-2003
    VIII 2004-2005
    IX 2006-

    I'm pretty sure that's how it goes. Mods or anyone else jump in if I miss anything.
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    Deleting threadjack. Please only post something in here if it's relevant to terminology and acronyms. Ask questions about Stages, etc, in a another thread, or in the tech forums.
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    I just saw an acronym, and I have no idea unless I'm just missing the obvious.. TGV/ TGV's

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    Quote Originally Posted by LogiMech View Post
    I just saw an acronym, and I have no idea unless I'm just missing the obvious.. TGV/ TGV's
    TGV/TGV's = Tumble Generator Valve
    heres a nice write up:
    Subaru Manifold
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    Good Stuff! Added it.
    -The J
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    Quote Originally Posted by YBNormal07 View Post
    If you have any to add, please post them in a reply and I'll add it to the list and delete your reply.
    However, DO NOT post asking about general internet terms/slang/acronyms. You simply need to google those to find your answers.
    NOTE: This thread is subject to regular pruning.

    Acronyms & Basic Terminology
    • 4EAT Four Speed Electronic Automatic Transmission
    • 5MT Five Speed Manual Transmission
    • 5EAT Five Speed Electronic Automatic Transmission (includes Sportshift)
    • 6MT Six Speed Manual Transmission
    • ABS Anti-lock Braking System
    • AFR (or A/F) - Air to Fuel Ratio
    • ALK - Anti Lift Kit
    • ALS: Anti Lag System (EM trick to keep the turbo spooled when off the throttle)
    • AT Automatic Transmission
    • ATDC = After Top Dead Center (relative to piston location)
    • ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid
    • AutoX Autocross
    • AVCS Active Valve Control Sysem
    • AVLS Active Valve Lift System
    • AWD All Wheel Drive
    • AWHP - All Wheel Horse Power
    • BBK - Big Brake Kit
    • BHP Brake HorsePower (measured BEFORE transmission)
    • BOV Blow Off Valve
    • BPV - By-Pass Valve
    • BTDC - Before Top Dead Center (relative to piston location)
    • CAI Cold Air Intake
    • Cat Catalytic Convertor
    • Catback -- Catback (after the Catalytic Converter) exhaust section
    • CBE = Cat Back Exhaust
    • CEL Check Engine Light
    • CF Carbon Fiber
    • Cf -- drag coefficient or coefficient of drag (airflow resistance)
    • CO2 Carbon Dioxide
    • Diff Differential
    • DP -- Down Pipe
    • DC -- Double Clutch
    • DCCD -- Driver Controlled Center Differential
    • DOHC Dual Overhead Camshaft
    • DRL = Daytime Running Lights
    • EBC Electonic Boost Controller
    • ECT - Electronically Controlled Transmission
    • ECU Electronic Control Unit (engine control unit)
    • EFI Electronic Fuel Injection
    • EG Subaru 6-cylinder engines (up through mid to late 90s)
    • EG33 Subaru 3.3 litre 6-cylinder engine code (SVX)
    • EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature
    • EJ Subaru 4-cylinder engines (early 90s and newer)
    • EJ20 Subaru 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engine code
    • EJ205 Subaru 2.0 litre turbo engine (US WRX)
    • EJ22 Subaru 2.2 litre 4-cylinder engine code
    • EJ25 Subaru 2.5 litre 4-cylinder engine code
    • EJ255 Subaru 2.5 litre turbo engine (US Forester XT, Baja Turbo)
    • EJ257 Subaru 2.5 litre turbo engine (US WRX STi)
    • EM - Engine Management
    • EMS = Engine Management System
    • EWG - external wastegate
    • EZ Subaru 6-cylinder engines (post EG series H6 engines)
    • EZ30R Subaru 3.0 litre 6-cylinder engine code (BL/BP Legacy and new Outback)
    • FDR - Final Drive Ratio
    • FHI - Fuji Heavy Industries
    • FMIC Front Mount Intercooler
    • FWD Front Wheel Drive
    • FSB -- Front Sway Bar
    • H4 Horizontally Opposed 4 cylinder (boxer)
    • H6 Horizontally Opposed 6 cylinder
    • HF - High Flow (usually used in conjunction with a catalytic converter)
    • HID High Intensity Discharge (headlights)
    • HT-- Heal and Toe
    • IC -- Intercooler
    • JDM Japanese Domestic Market
    • LHD = Left Hand Drive
    • LSD Limited Slip Differential
    • MAF or MAS Mass Air-Flow Sensor
    • MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor
    • MBC Manual Boost Controller
    • MIL Malfunction Indicator Lamp (CEL)
    • MT Manual Transmission
    • MY Model Year
    • NOS - Nitrous Oxide
    • OBD - On Board Diagnostics
    • OE Original Equipment
    • OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
    • OL/CL - Open Loop / Closed Loop
    • Pinks --certain STI parts... springs, swaybars, injectors, timing belts. Due to their color.
    • Pot -- (ie. 4-pot brake) pistons on caliper.
    • P&P -- port and polish of cylinder heads to improve airflow.
    • PPG -- Pfitzner Performance Gearbox
    • RallyX Rallycross
    • RHD = Right Hand Drive
    • RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
    • RSB -- Rear Sway Bar
    • RWD Rear Wheel Drive
    • SOA Subaru Of America
    • SOHC Single Overhead Camshaft
    • SPT = Subaru Performance Tuning
    • SWRT = Subaru World Rally Team
    • STi (pre-06) / STI = Subaru Technica International
    • TDC = Top Dead Center (relative to piston location)
    • TMIC Top Mount Intercooler
    • TBE -- Turbo Back Exhaust
    • TGV - Tumble Generator Valve
    • TR - Tuner Ready (aka '06 WRX TR)
    • TSB - Technical Service Bulletin
    • TT Twin Turbo
    • UDP Under Drive Pulley
    • UP -- Up Pipe
    • USDM -- United States Domestic Market
    • VDC Vehicle Dynamic Control
    • VIN Vehicle Identification Number
    • VTD Variable Torque Distibution
    • WGA - wastegate actuator
    • WHP Wheel HorsePower
    • WOT Wide Open Throttle
    • WRB = World Rally Blue
    • WRC = World Rally Championship (competiton or WRC Spec cars)

    Impreza Bodies:
    • GF = 5-door Impreza body
    • GG = Impreza Wagon
    • GM = 2-door (old gen) Impreza body
    • GC = 4-door (old gen) Impreza body
    • +
    • 0 = 1.6L (not certain about this one)
    • 2 = 1.8L
    • 4 = 2.2L
    • 6 = 2.5L
    • 8 = 2.0L
    • GD = New Gen Bodies

    Thanks to:
    Uncle Meat of the Cobb Tuning, LegacyGT Forum, XimportnWRX, MidKnight, Max, Jhokur, anukaoen, nofear6235
    This was pretty cool...

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