Hey guys, got some question...
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    Hey guys, got some question...

    Well im looking at getting an older subie 02-05 and I have a few questions for your guys.

    How high of maintenance are these vehicles (stock motor, maybe exhaust)?

    Is your wrx your daily? Have you had any problems, if so at what mileage did you start having problems?

    Would you recommend a wrx as a daily driver (70+ miles a day) for a poor collage student who wouldnt have to funds to replace a tranny?

    Thanks guys, I have searched around but im still unsure on how reliable and affordable the maintenance is.

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    i have a 03.....the car is great..i have more upgrades than just the exhaust and im not allways easy on her haha but how can i resist lol....no problems yet 90k miles and still holding strong.....and it is my DD
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    i have a bug-eye (02). haven't had any problems with her other than the scheduled maintenance.

    it's my dd and i roughly do 1k per week.
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    03' wrx wagon here. Had to replace center diff at 95k. Bought it from original owner at 72k. Other than that it has been great. The CD was $1100 which isnt much to complain about after a year since that would have been only 2-3 months of a new car payment.

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