2003 Subaru Impreza 2.5TS

It's got 85,000 km total, suspention is kinda soft, has a slight wheel wobble in the front, but the tires are older and look like they need replacing. It passes a saftey (canada) with no problem.

I would like to tweak it a bit

It is going to be a car which my wife and I will be driving, and I will be hauling our 3 year old daughter and/or several computers at any time. ( I do PC repair.. ) I would like the car to handle nice and solid, and increase it's "getup and go" so to speak for when I am **** ripping out on the dirt roads in the country. My budget is not too big either, so no really high end parts..

Could you guy's help design my car? Growing up on the farm I am not scared to dive in and do the work myself but I don't know what I need as far as parts, and hints and tricks as to installing them.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.