Hey Guys,

Just wanted to come by, say hello, and warn you all that there is a new Soobie driver in Northern California, near Roseville/Rocklin/Auburn Area

Some quick info about my car and some questions regarding what the hell I should do with it first and foremost.

1997 Subaru Impreza Brighton
2.2 liter engine
Automatic Transmission ( )
NOTHING is upgraded, since I dont know where to look to find parts for performance/upgrading my car year that will actually do it some good.

Buddy of mine says I should start to make it look like a 22B, but I cannot find anywhere to sell stuff for a 22B...

So the main question is this: anyone know where to find a nice place for a hood w/scoops, 22B style rear wing, catback, etc?

I want to make my day better when I drive my car around...I dont want to look like im trying to hard to cook rice with it if you know what I mean

If anyone knows of websites to get 1997 subaru impreza brighton performance parts, and also some stock parts like a22B wing knock off and a soobie scoop hood, it would be greatly appreciated