Hello everyone!

If you could please help me out...

First here is the background info. My EJ20G just gut pulled out of my GC8 due to it having low compression in 3 of the cylinders. Turns out my valves were in seriously bad shape. I have one valve that cracked all the way through, lots of others were burnt, a couple went in deeper than others, etc. and the valve seats were getting burnt on a lot of them as well.

That leads me to question 1:
Is it worth getting my heads rebuilt or would I be better off buying a used set of WRX 2.0 heads?

A: If I should get my heads rebuilt, does anyone know of a good place to send them?

B: If I should buy used WRX heads, will there be any issues with compression? Will it require immediate tune?

2: While my engine is pulled, would it be worth my money to buy a lightweight crank pulley and which one? Would that require a tune as well?

I know that's a lot of questions, so I am extremely appreciative of any advice you can give me. Thanks a lot! Hopefully I will be able to help others with things like this later on.