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This is a discussion on first mods within the New Member Hangout forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by gunsm0ke Well, I must say I've reconsidered a lot about my car... I'm thinking of taking a ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunsm0ke
    Well, I must say I've reconsidered a lot about my car... I'm thinking of taking a different route by starting with suspension work and bigger brake pads seeing my 06 brakes should last some time and working my way out ... as for height of the car ... what would you guys consider to be good/bad and why... I live on a stone rocky driveway and a pretty crappy road and I don't wan't to be hitting the bottom of my car all the time.
    And does anybody know the facts about the warranty and the do's and don'ts and would some things void the whole thing or just the part you changed and what it effects?

    get a good shock, strut combo. IE. Koni yellows with prodrives or something a little higher since your driveway isn't made for low cars. im running Tein Flex with near stock ride height.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boostedj30

    As to your question about warranty issues, a non-OEM air filter can not void any warranties according to the Moss-Magnussen Act. You can place any brand of air filter, muffler, wiper blades, breaks, or any other wearable part on your car without voiding any warranty
    I have searched on this site, Nastysock and Google for the contents of the Moss-Magnussen act and came up with nothing. Search results here just yielded threads with it mentioned in them. The Google search just turned up a bunch of online forums with it also just mentioned. Does anyone know where I can view the contents of that act?
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