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This is a discussion on V8 guy....new to WRX within the New Member Hangout forums, part of the Community - Meet other Enthusiasts category; Originally Posted by P8baller07 Yeah if you're looking for a gas saving eco car as a DD, lol i'd be ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by P8baller07
    Yeah if you're looking for a gas saving eco car as a DD, lol i'd be looking at different cars.
    i wasn't looking for an eco car. I wanted something FUN and got better mileage than what i get now. I decided to pass on a 2nd car. Instead I'm saving up for my stroker motor for the Camaro. LS2 402

    Still would love to get a WRX some day, maybe an STi, if they can improve the looks a bit.

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    true, our cars dont get mileage to write home about. but i assure you it is better than what he is getting on his Z28!

    i can answer your question truthfully and honestly:

    i used to run a big V8 too ( '62 t-bird with the m-code 6-pack under the hood ) and i got 3mpg.
    anyways, that was a long time ago.

    i bought my '06 wrx wagon on autotrader for $22.5k with 2100 miles on it. so i think i got a hell of a deal. I have a 65 mile commute one way, monday through friday, i try to drive as conservative as possible, but i always get that urge to have a little fun. or a lot of fun... a lot..

    at my absolute worst, after driving all day on back-roads breaking speed limits all day long, i got about 16mpg lol. when i drive conservative the entire time i can get close to 25mpg.

    with the mix of conservative and fun driving ( including a canyon run usually once a day [hey, its on the way there ] ) i can average about 20-22mpg.

    i agree in saying that this isnt the best daily driver, but it is my only car now, and i wouldnt have it any other way. ( for now )
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    Thats what I get in my Z28

    I get 23 MPG if i drive normal in my mix of city and freeway driving on my way to work/school Almost 100 miles perday. keep in mind my car is a automatic

    Most people with Z28 that have 6 speed manuals get 28-30 MPG on long interstate freeway trips
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