Hello to all in the community. Even though I've had my 02 WRB WRX wagon, with class II trailer hitch and all, for almost a year I just found the wrx club board. I just finished up a pretty long road trip in the Subbie and loved it. First was from my home in Ct. to Homestaed Fl. to race in a scholarship runoff. For those of you that know of Skip Barber I started working there as a mechanic in 2000, raced in the southern series in 2003, 10 of 14 races finished 5th in points including a win at my very 1st weekend which was at Daytona. Started instructing for them in '04. I also do alot of manufactuer work as a pro-driver/ right seat for dealer training events, consumer events, or marketing, film and photo.And when I'm not doin any of that I'm always tryin to get my butt in some other race cars.So far I've done some testing in some Grand-Am Cup, and some SPEED touring/GT cars, withreally good results.... but in racing money talks, and I'm whispering right now...but having a really good time gettin paid to do what I love..!!!!
Anyway finished 3rd at Homestead..yay Really wanted to win it this year, but 2 really fast go-karters and 1 REALLY fast veteran had other plans for me So then hungout in Sebring for a couple weeks, hangin out with some friends, seeing some old friends in town for ALMS testing, then finally made it to my new winter home in Cali this week. I'll be living in Soledad Ca. this winter for the 1st time, while doing some work for the school at Laguna Seca.
So Ct. to Fl. 1,300 miles, Fl. to Ca. 2,900 more miles.... not a bad road trip huh.??? I love the WRX, and knew I would, my parents were always Subbie people, way B4 they were cool to everyone else. For comparision my last car was a 96 Maxima SE 5 speed, and I'm still the original owner of my 93 SE-R. Can't wait to add some power to her though, and a rear sway bar..Yes, the WRX does feel slow after driving Vipers at work, and she sounds slow after driving ACR SRT-4's too... but I still like mine better
Anyway I love these forums, love learning new stuff every day, so looking forward to being a member. And on the same token if anyone has any driving/track related questions I'm always willing to help if I can.I'm in no way Mario Andretti ( I did beat his grandson Marco though at Barber Park, even though he's the one racing in the IRL this year) but I do have a decent amount of experience at tracks all over the country, and am always willing to steer people in the right direction.
I'll try to get some pix up sometime but for now if anyone wants you can check some out on myspace.

thanks for your time, and a good day to all..
Roger Cote