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Well this is an enthusiast forum, so if we all tell someone they paid too much then they won't be really enthusiastic about their car. I try not to scare people away. If it was BEFORE they bought the car, I'd be honest. But if someone ALREADY bought the car, I'd like to be positive because they already put down the money...no turning back. And they bought the car because they thought the price was reasonable aka with in their expectations. If they thought the car was too expensive, they wouldn't have purchased it. A smart person does the research before hand, but no sense in telling someone that got a bad deal when they thought they were getting a fair deal. You can't undo it, so why upset them? And you can't possibly know the circumstances they are in! Maybe where they live WRXes are more expensive on average. Or maybe they got it from a top-rate dealership. Or maybe it was the last one on the lot. There's too many factors to judge. So why say it's bad when you don't know for sure? Let them be happy with their new baby! Furthermore, I was also letting you know that people don't appreciate comments about how much they paid (i.e. "You paid too much" or "That seems high") when they didn't even ask for your opinion in the first place. I did my research. I had my budget. I know I got a good deal on my car..it was very reasonable to me.
Yeah, I can't argue with that line of thinking.
Hopefully there are plenty of other who won't prefer to blow smoke up my *** instead of telling me what they honestly think (even if it's not what I want to hear)

But, I don't feel the need to discuss this business in this poor chaps thread any longer.