Found this forum while looking for information about WRX maintenance on the net. Hope someone can help me. Next month, my 2002 WRX wagon and me will celebrate 4 years of auto-wedded bliss! We're still (and will remain) very happy.

I don't know alot about cars in general and I'm really not that interested. All I know is that I LOVE my car and hope to enjoy many more years cruising down I80 doing 80! That's just about the speed that my WRX starts settling in.

I've maintained the car religously since I bought it in Dec. 2001. I just bought it in for an oil change (45K) and was told I need to replace both front and rear brakes including the rotors. Is this normal waer and tear? I would expect to replace the pads, but the rotors too?

I do live in a congested part of the state and often drive in traffic but still surprised that I need a full replacement. Should I seek a second opinion?

Happy to have found this site.