just thought i say something now because there are some places i like to post... i just bought a 02 wrx and its better then expected... i owned a few other cars with different platforms and the wrx is the best... i had all the essentials ff - fr - mr and the awd handles best in imho... anywho looking forward towards mods by summer just a few quick questions before i really get into it

i already know that there are a few good turbos out there and ive readthat the super 16 is the best for daily driven turbo so im comtiplating weither or not i should purchase (maybe the VF34?) and from whom i should purchse from?... also if its actually a "direct bolt on" turbo and will i have to stick with a top mount intercooler?

also which tranny mods do any of you prefer? ive used a 1.5lsd stage 2 clutch/flywheel with my supra so i dont know how should i approch a awd car? do i use the same set up or should i change the lsd to a 2 way since is awd?

again im not into serious hp because of the maintence and more wear and tear on the motor.. i prefer a balance of power and handling... plus its going to be a daily driver so any opinions is great full... clubwrx.com has valuable information that ive read