Well like it kinda says above I will became a future owner in November. Once my insurance drops. Currently I would have to pay $325 a month for it, but in nov. it will drop to $259 so that's when i'll get one.
Currently I have a 93 Probe GT, that has a kit,rims,motor all that good stuff. And a 97 explorer, while it's a nice ride it sucks on gas. now the wrx isn't super on gas either, but it gets more, and is fast. So i've decided to trade EX in and get a 02-03 wrx. I'm a currently member on Probetalk.com and seriousexplorations.com so i know how to search. But i was hoping maybe for a new member ya'll help me out.

Info i was looking to find out.

Stock PSI?
How much can i raise it to safely?
What can i expect on maintance?
What should i look for when buying one? (leaking valve cover,etc that kinda thing)
How should a stock ride, drive? (bumpy, or smooth and soft?)
Is around 60k bad for a 02-03?
How hard is it to make it a front mount?
How hard is it to wire up a Greddy Pro-Fec B II/Turbo Timer

What are the first mods i should do? I'm already getting a 3" catback with 4"bellmouth muffler, the Cobb stage 1 system,intake the normal first things, but boost is a new world to me, so anything to get more power is a great idea.

well anything will help me out. thanks guys